almost 6 years ago

Cloud technology which enables different companies and organistions to use and consume a compute resource, such as a virtual machine (VM), storage service or an application or as a utility is the delivery of on-demand computing resources which covers from applications to data centers over the internet and on a pay as per useage basis.
In the simplest terms, we can say that cloud is storing and accessing Data and programs securely over the Internet server instead of our local computer's hard drive.

Some examples we can see Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive, Apple iCloud etc.
In todays world, Cloud networking which is based on the concept of cloud computing, where centralized computing resources are shared within the customers or clients and in this cloud networking, the network can be shared as well as the computing resources.

Some advantages are:

  1. We can rapidly start using innovative business apps
  2. Data is protected and no Data is lost if our computer breaks or down, as data is in the cloud.
  3. It doesn't need any effort from our part to maintain or manage it.
  4. Data is available 24X7 and can be access from any part of the world.
  5. Companies can scales up or down quickly and easily to meet demand.
  6. User or Client needs to pay as per their use.

Since right now the entire world is going to shift it's focus to Cloud due to all these advantage.
Day by day due to it's increasing demands, the technology is getting affordable every one's reach.
Now, instead of paying one big fees for it's support and maintainence, businesses will have to pay per user for support privileges, based on how quickly they will get a response.
The organisation also shifting their focus on Cloud as it is available and accesible from any part of the world.

It may soon happen that over the next few years, the cloud-based developers community may increase as well as the number of new cloud-based solutions which will bring a new era of cloud based software solution.
It may also happen that many big companies and organisation may likely to include the Mobile Cloud scenario, where the latest mobile devices and cloud computing services will offer a flexible business technology solution and mobile Cloud solution is already comming under limelight now.
The Cloud venders are also offering different business solution as per needs while providing different security mechanism for Data as well as different cloud based networking solution to bridge the gap between different cloud services.
Project Calico is one of the example, which provides open source virtual networking solution, high-scale network fabric for Cloud as well as enables the implementation scalable, standards-based, cloud infrastructures.

As the Cloud technology grows day by day, we can definately see a new dimension on Cloud based services appearing replacing the old services pattern and lots of providers providing different cloud based services like hosting, storages, network-based, cloud based security etc.

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